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Do you have professional Chinese Interpreter?

We have professional consultant and interpreter who speaks Mandarin, Cantonese, Shanghainese.

I am interested in having Surgery. What do I need to do?

Please contact our practice on (02) 9267 9999 to book in for an initial consultation with our Dr. Following your consultation we will provide you with a quotation for your surgery and discuss available surgery dates.

How much is consultation and is there a long wait list?

A consultation with our surgeons starts from $300. The payment is due at the time of booking the appointment and guarantees time with our Dr, however, should you decide to go ahead with surgery, the initial consultation amount will be deducted off your surgery cost. The amount is partially rebatable by Medicare if you have a GP referral, which we highly recommend. While the consultation is non-refundable, you can change the date of your consultation with up to 2 full working days notice.

Due to our Dr’s excellent reputation, his/her wait time can be quite long. We do however aim to get you in at the first available time. We can also put you on a wait list as sometimes earlier appointments do become available.

We recommend that you set aside 2 hours for your initial visit, as sometimes we can run late. This can be very stressful if you have back to back appointments, or have parked your car in metered street parking.

How can I get in sooner if I’m ready for surgery?

If you are ready for surgery and know the dates that you would like to have your procedure as well as having your finances ready, please contact our Cosmetic Surgery Consultant on info@luxe-group.com.au to see if she can get you in sooner.

What happens if I live outside of Sydney?

Our Dr regularly sees patients from interstate and overseas. You can arrange a Skype consultation if you are unsure if you are a good candidate for your chosen procedure or email us pictures and we will get back to you. For more detailed information, please contact us by 02 9267 9999.

Do I need referral?

A referral from your local GP is not required, but if you have one then a portion of your consultation fee may be rebatable. A referral will also be required in order to involve your private health fund to rebate some of the costs of your surgery if you are eligible (please check with our Cosmetic Surgery Consultant). We require this referral prior to your surgery date in order for you to be able to claim.\

What happens during my consultation?

Upon arriving to the practice, you will be asked to fill in a new patient form and medical history (which you can download off our website and fill out in advance to expedite your check in process).

Your consultation with our Dr will go for approximately 30 minutes where he will discuss with you your concerns and what procedures may be suitable for you. Some patients can get nervous and forget to ask important questions, we recommend having a list of your important questions with you to help you maximise your consultation time.  After this you will see our Cosmetic Surgery Consultant who will put together a quotation for you and information regarding available surgery dates and the hospitals that our Dr operates from.

Can I bring my children to my appointment?

We prefer that you don’t bring children as we find that children can be very distracting at a time when the focus needs to be all about you. We want to give you our full and undivided attention, and to ensure that all your questions and concerns are addressed.  There is also a lot of equipment that can be dangerous for young curious hands.

Does my surgery need to be paid upfront?

When booking your surgery, 100% of the surgeons fee is required to secure your allocated surgical date. We give you a mandatory 7 day cooling off period before you are allowed to book your surgery, this is to ensure you are making an informed decision to proceed. Its also important to note that the surgeons fee once paid is non-refundable.

Will health insurance cover my surgery?

Once you have received the quotation from our Cosmetic Surgery Consultant, you will be able to contact your private health insurance to see if you are eligible for a rebate. As of November the 1st 2018 the Medicare and Private Health fund rules will change making it harder to claim for cosmetic procedures.

Do you offer payment plans?

We do not offer payment plans, but there are a number of options patients have, such as medical financing companies, which can be found online.

Will I have to go to hospital for my procedure?

This will depend on your procedure and the complexity of the surgery. Some smaller procedures, we are able to do in our rooms under local anaesthetic . All larger procedures are done in accredited hospitals under a general anaesthetic performed by qualified anaesthetists, assistants and nurses. Some procedures are day stays and others require longer stays.

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