Facelift and neck lift surgery are safe, effective methods of rejuvenating the face and neck. Advanced treatment techniques offer a beautiful, natural, radiant appearance which enhances the natural contours of the face. Selecting a procedure at the right time can prevent visible signs of ageing simply by correcting skin issues before lines and wrinkles develop. Your youthful complexion will be preserved and the benefits will be visible for many years.

Luxe Cosmetic Clinic offers a variety of face lift and neck lift options and each treatment is modified to the patient’s specific needs. Our Doctor specialises in deep plane facelift, neck lift, lip lift, eyelid surgery, hairline lowering, rhinoplasty, and facial rejuvenation surgerybreast augmentationreductionlifting. Our Doctors are renowned for their artistic skill, using their eyes for harmony and beauty to customise procedures to each patient’s unique needs. We also offer special techniques designed for men.

A facelift can help you look up to 10 years younger. The results you achieve will be influenced by skin texture, bone structure, and heredity. All aspects of the face, including the brows, eyelids, chin and neck are assessed in order to maintain facial harmony with surgery and to avoid an unnatural or ‘lifted’ look

The Procedure

In the early days of cosmetic plastic surgery, facelift procedures often stretched the wrinkled surface of the skin. Modern techniques reshape the underlying layer of connective tissue, called the SMAS. The way the SMAS is manipulated, the direction in which it is moved, the amount it is trimmed or folded, and the way it is fixed in place is unique to each surgeon. Our Dr mostly uses the Lateral SMAS-ectomy at Luxe Cosmetic Clinic in Sydney, to ensure a natural, harmonious appearance. During a facelift, discreet incisions are made within the hairline or natural creases around the ears to minimise scarring. These subtle incisions can be concealed by the hair and light makeup. Sometimes incisions are placed within the hair or inside the mouth. A facelift is performed under general anesthetic in an accredited hospital with a qualified anesthetist.

Recovery from Facelift Surgery

You should be up and about in a day or two, but plan to take it easy for the first week after surgery. Most people are back at work about two to three weeks after surgery, however, one month is preferable. Many patients report a sense of tightness or numbness of the face and neck; the intensity of this and how long it lasts varies according to each person and the extent of the procedure.

Is there an ideal age for facelift surgery?

Facelift surgery performed slightly earlier rather than a little later will produce a better, more natural and longer-lasting result. Facelift surgery can be performed from the age of 35, although the 40s and 50s are ideal for facial surgery. At this age, the facial tissues still have a natural elastic tone which can minimise the extent of the surgery required for rejuvenation. However, good results can be achieved at any age it is more person dependent than age dependent. Our doctor has performed facelifts on several patients in their 80s, who enjoyed their experience and were very pleased with the results.

Where is the surgery performed and do I need to stay in hospital?

All face lifts are performed in a private, accredited hospital under general anesthetic with a qualified anesthetist and usually take up to 4 hours. You will need to stay overnight and have someone pick you up the next day to care for you for a few days and to take you to Luxe for your post-op appointments. Mini facelifts take less than 4 hours and can be done as a day stay procedure without the need to stay in hospital overnight.

How long does a facelift last?

Facelift surgery is usually a one-time event, although around a third of patients will choose to return for another one in around ten years. The first facelift defines the options for future treatments. If the incisions have been well chosen, the hairline has not been significantly altered and facial expression has not been changed, multiple facelifts are possible.

Where will the scares be?

During a facelift, discreet incisions are made within the hairline or natural creases around the ears to minimise scarring. These subtle incisions can be concealed by the hair and light makeup.

How much does it cost?

Face lift costs vary by each individual’s requirements as it is a bespoke procedure, however our price including the surgeon’s fee, assistant’s fee, anesthetists fee, hospital stay and garments if necessary.  The cost of a mini facelift is less, your surgeon and cosmetic surgery consultant will discuss your specific needs and the costs with you on the day of your consultation.

Are there any Medicare rebates?

There are no Medicare rebates as a facelift is a cosmetic procedure.

How do you avoid the ‘facelifted’ look?

Face lift techniques have evolved to support the underlying layers of the face instead of just supporting the superficial top layer of the skin. This creates a more natural, long-lasting result that doesn’t look stretched. A good facelift is one you can’t tell was done.

Does a full facelift have to be done or are there more minor options?

Our treatment menu offers many facial procedure options. Some people are content with gentle improvements through injectable dermal fillers and stimulants. If you require neckline, jowl or general sag improvement, you will require surgery. Mini facelift procedures and small-incision forehead lifts are frequently performed at our practice, as there is a strong demand for quick recovery and minimally invasive surgery.

When will I have my follow-up and will it be with surgeon?

You will be seen by our surgeon the day following your surgery.

Regular appointments are made in the following two weeks to check your healing and to remove stitches.

How will I know how to care for my wounds when I go home?

You will be given a Plastic Surgery Recovery guide upon booking your surgery. This document explains in great detail all of your after care following surgery.

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