We all age at different rates according to genetic factors along with lifestyle and work habits. However, even a healthy and vital person can develop unwanted facial wrinkles and lines that create an aged appearance. The convenient, non-surgical solution involves anti wrinkle injections that diminish lines and restore a more youthful look.

The misplaced objective of some wrinkle injection patients is to achieve a porcelain doll-like face. This trend had previously given anti wrinkle injections a bad name, especially when the practice was taken to extremes, with poor outcomes that included immovable facial muscles and a plastic appearance. The problem was also exacerbated by the influx of unqualified practitioners.

Improved practices, products, and injection delivery methods by highly qualified cosmetic surgeons have mostly relegated such horror stories to the past. Modern methods diminish wrinkles, creating a natural and youthful appearance, while still allowing individual character and expression to shine through.

Areas targeted by facial injections include crows feet around the eyes, frown lines between the eyes, and worry lines across the forehead. Lines running from the mouth to chin, often called marionette or sad lines, are also effectively treated. Some fillers are also used to create fuller lips. In fact, your entire face can benefit due to diminished muscle contractions, often providing long-term improvements.

We provide our anti-wrinkle injections procedures in the Sydney area and though have predominately serviced those in the regions of Rhodes, are available to service all residents.


The most well-known anti wrinkle injection product’s popularity has waned due to the influx of new fillers on the market. The product relaxes facial muscles and softens lines. It’s perfectly safe when administered by a qualified practitioner, and the results will last for several months.

Other anti wrinkle fillers commonly used today have the power to diminish unwanted lines and add natural volume to the face. They are safely absorbed, and many contain ingredients that are produced naturally within the body:

  •  Hyaluronic acid: A naturally occurring acid that reacts by drawing fluid to the area treated. The results last for up to 12 months.
  •  Calcium hydroxylapatite: Results last for 12 months.
  •  Man-made biodegradable polymer: Results can be ongoing for around 2 years.
  •  Bovine collagen: An allergy test is required several weeks prior to treatment.
  •  Microscopic beads plus bovine collagen: The collagen will disperse over time but the poly plastic beads remain permanently under the skin. This method boasts results that last more than 5 years.
  •  Fat cells from your own body: (autologous fat) Results can last several months or even years.

Everyone has an individual capacity to take up injectable products. Results can vary, and may not always match expectations. However, injectable products and delivery methods are constantly advancing and overall outcomes have improved dramatically during recent years.

As a native to Sydney, our Dr understands the harmful effects the harsh Australian sun can have on skin, along with the effects of naturally aging. He is a preferred cosmetic surgeon for anti wrinkle injections that provide great results. A consultation with our Dr will determine which is the best injectable for you.


Your practitioner will inject a precise amount of filler into targeted areas of your face, just below the skin. Injections are not damaging or very painful, especially when used in conjunction with a topical anesthesia. The injections begin to work immediately by reducing nerve stimulation and ongoing improvements will become more noticeable during the following days and weeks.

After having a filler injection, you may experience some pain, swelling, redness or itching. Swelling should last for a day or two only, but if symptoms persist you should contact your doctor in case of infection.

After about three days your facial muscles will begin to relax and lines will reduce. Your natural appeal and bright smile will then become unavoidable and welcome side-effects of your youthful new look.

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