Emsculpt in Sydney

Tone Muscle & Eliminate Fat

Sweating it out at the gym or working out 3-5 times a week, every week is hard. But what if you could tone muscle and eliminate fat without going to the gym? What if you could do the equivalent of 20,000 ab crunches or butt lifts in just a 30 minute treatment? Welcome to the Emsculpt revolution at Luxe Cosmetic Clinic.

Until now, body contouring or body sculpting devices have only targeted fat. Luxe Cosmetic Clinic offers the latest FDA and TGA cleared Emsculpt treatments to reduce fat AND build muscle. See results in weeks, not months from the comfortable 30 minute treatments with absolutely no downtime. Emsculpt treatments can tone muscles and eliminate fat with no gym workout required!

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Build Muscle & Eliminate Fat

The Emsculpt device is a first in class new technology with 13 clinical studies plus FDA and TGA clearance to back it up. With more than 1,000 devices around the world and 250,000 treatments worldwide, the Emsculpt revolution is here at Luxe Cosmetic Clinic.

Emsculpt uses HIFEM® (High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetics) to stimulate thousands of supra-maximal muscle contractions. A maximal contraction is the strongest voluntary contraction you can perform. The muscle contractions generated during Emsculpt treatment are referred to as “supra-maximal” as they are far more intense than voluntary contractions exerted during exercise.

EMSCULPT Backed by 13 Clinical Studies

EMSCULPT by BTL Aesthetics has 13 clinical studies and counting to back up this world leading technology. Before Emsculpt was brought to market it was clinically trialled in five separate abdominal studies. MRI, CT scan and Ultrasound were included in the measuring of results and evaluation. The results for muscle gain and fat loss revealed:

• 16% increase in muscle mass
• 19% reduction in subcutaneous abdominal fat
• Average waist reduction of 4.4cm
• 91% satisfaction with treatment results

Why is Emsculpt different?

Current fat reduction or fat destruction treatments only target unwanted fat by either freezing, heating or shaking fat cells. Emsculpt not only targets unwanted fat but also builds and tones muscle, all in the one treatment. While standard fat reduction treatments require months until you see a result, Emsculpt will give you results in weeks. A full course of Emsculpt treatments consist of four treatments over a two week period. During each 30 minute Emsculpt treatment, you will experience up to 20,000 supra-maximal muscle contractions, much stronger contractions than you could physically do yourself at the gym.

*Please note that results may vary from patient to patient.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to have a certain amount of fat to be suitable for this treatment?

No, Emsculpt does not rely treating fat in an applicator like fat freezing. Emsculpt sits on top of your skin using patented technology to work your muscles.

What areas are most popular for females?

By far the most popular area for ladies is the non-invasive butt lift treatment with Emsculpt. We have all seen the warnings about surgical Brazilian butt lifts. Emsculpt offers the world’s first non-surgical butt lift in four comfortable 30 minute treatments. Abs are also a very popular treatment area, particularly post-pregnancy.

What areas are most popular for males?

For the majority of men, getting more definition in their abs is high on their list. Emsculpt offers a way to build ab muscles and tone fat in four comfortable 30-minute treatments with no sit-ups required.

How does EMSCULPT treatment feel?

Emsculpt does not feel cold or hot and there is no discomfort. The sensation is more like the muscle contraction feeling you get from an intense ab, butt or thigh workout.

What areas can be treated?

EMSCULPT is most effective for removing unwanted stubborn fat and toning muscle on the butt, stomach and thighs.

How many treatments will I need and when will I see results?

The recommended treatment protocol is 2 weeks, consisting of 4 x 30 minute EMSCULPT sessions, 2-3 days apart.

While results will vary from patient to patient, some see results after the third session, most see results after the fourth session. Results will continue to improve up to 6 months post treatment.

Am I suitable for EMSCULPT treatment?

Best results are seen by people who already lead a healthy lifestyle. For optimum results, EMSCULPT is suitable for people who are at or close to their ideal BMI range. Book a consultation to have your suitability for treatment confirmed.

Why is FDA approval important?

The FDA, also known as the US Food & Drug Administration is similar to the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) in Australia. For a device to be “FDA approved or FDA cleared” FDA experts will review clinical studies and manufacturer’s information to establish the safety and efficacy of the device. EMSCULPT is FDA cleared for the strengthening, toning and firming of the abdomen and buttocks. There is no other device in the world FDA cleared for this purpose.

What is the next step?

For personalised treatment information, the next step is to book your body consultation at Luxe Cosmetic Clinic. Take the first step to toning your muscles and eliminating unwanted fat in weeks, not months by calling (02) 9267 9999 or request an appointment online.